70 CL
6 units per carton
35% VOL

Product story



The topic of herb liqueur often disappears under the seemingly endless number of spirits. We show you that there are far more than just shots behind it!
Herbal Liqueurs are very popular, and there are many famous examples often made by Monks, and often made to age old recipes with tens, if not hundreds, of ingredients. A number of herbal liqueurs were first created for medicinal use! Herb liqueurs have been associated with healing powers and medicinal uses since the year dot. The main reason for this is the fact that apothecaries, doctors and friars often played a role in the development of the recipes.

Our story

Our crafted herb liqueur is a simple story of carefully selected herbs. Nature made it, we put it in a bottle. The highest-grade herbs, spices, roots and fruits from around the globe are used to make our liqueur. During the production of our liqueur the extract is kept in the barrels to get a balanced, sweet and specific herb taste with intense colour. The full ingredient list is a closely guarded secret, but raise a glass to your lips and you’ll get a taste from all corners of the world. Our taste profile stands out in any crowd. We recommend to serve this drink chilled for the best experience. 


In order to precisely highlight the peculiarity of this herbal liqueur, we created a packaging design that corresponds to the traditions and visual identity of similar drinks. The central element in the label design for the Krautmeister herbal liqueur is a stylized image of the herbalist (in German “krautmeister”), which personifies the traditional approach to crafting this drink. The image is complimented by a landscape that depicts the place of origin for herbs used in this liqueur. Natural and high quality ingredients, craftsmanship and experience of herbalists - these are the main aspects we’ve focused on while developing the label design for Krautmeister liqueur.