Kentucky Jack Bourbon Whiskey

50 CL
12 units per carton
40% VOL

Product story

Kentucky Jack

Welcome to an old friend!



If there’s one thing the state of Kentucky is famous for, it’s definitely whiskey. Here lies the heart of the American bourbon whiskey distilling tradition, and the overwhelming majority of authentic bourbon producers are located in this very state. It’s all about the water, the special kind of soil, and, of course, the true craftsman- ship of local brewers, distillers, coopers, and blenders, passed down through generations. And that’s what Kentucky Jack is all about - a tribute to the place where real bourbon whiskey is born.

Savoring a glass of straight Kentucky bourbon is certainly an experience to be cherished. The rich vanilla and honey flavors, born from the large amount of locally grown corn, are the highlights of an authentic bourbon whiskey. Needless to say, Kentucky Jack is brimming with those, and eager to take you on an unforgettable ride through the Appalachia, where the craft of distilling has been celebrated for centuries.

And it’s here, waiting in the glass, right in front of you. Kentucky Jack is the epitome of classic distilling tradition that makes Kentucky such a special place. It’s the straight and unrestrained character of this bourbon whiskey that makes it so irresistible. Once you open the bottle and take the first tentative sip, you know it’s the real deal. Kentucky Jack doesn’t hold back when it comes to aroma and flavor, so if you love your bourbon, you will certainly enjoy sipping this wonderful Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.