Retro Pina Colada

70 CL
6 units per carton
14% VOL

Product story

Retro Pina Colada

History & Recipe

It's hard to imagine a tropical holiday without a glass of Pina Colada. Invented in the 1950's, this unique blend of rum and coconut juice has become a mainstay of pool parties, cruise boats and all sorts of tropical ad- ventures ever since. And just a single sip of this flavorful concoction gives you a great idea why it goes down so well in the heat of the blazing sun.

Our story

The world of alcoholic cocktails is quite dynamic and is constantly brimming with interesting new solutions and experiments. However, it also has its real classics, to which the consumer returns again and again. Time-tested cocktails that bring joy and pleasure to be found in bars around the world. It is these cocktails that formed the basis of the new Sodiko product line - Retro Cocktails. Continuing the trend of producing ready-to-drink cocktails from quality ingredients.