Moonshine Runners Canadian Blended Whisky

70 CL
6 units per carton
40% VOL

Product story

Moonshine Runners Whisky

During the Prohibition era (1929-1933 ) in the USA, big city gangsters like Al Capone paid small town brewers to provide them with cheap, illegal alcohol to distribute among those who lived in the cities. A close view by the Police force to these kind of activities force distillers to work at night, during ‘moonshine’.

Manufacturing the illegal spirit was only half of the challenge, where the next one was to get it out of stills to the city. It was a job of bootleggers. They transported alcohol across the border of Canada or across the ‘dry’ states. Usually they were professional racers with cars, having abilities to modify their cars into faster ones and capable to drive heavy loads. Drivers had to drive at night avoiding getting caught by police and that is how they got the “Moonshine runners” named for what they did.

While creating the “MOONSHINE RUNNERS” liquid part and design, we discovered that all good and famous whiskies had some shady part of history. However we would like to follow the modern trends of whiskey fashion and use our experience in creating and selling high quality spirits.

Our label design has ‘craft’ whisky design elements. It perfectly presents the Moonshine Runners idea. Try it in stirred boozy cocktails, refreshing tall drinks or straight up.

It is the standard of excellence of Scotch whisky. We recommend this whisky pure or on the rocks, in classic or modern cocktails.