Kentucky Jack Bourbon Whiskey

35 CL
12 units per carton
40% VOL

Product story

Kentucky Jack

Welcome to an old friend!



Although Whiskey is a well-known drink, it surely has known its revival in 2015! This is no longer just a liquor for the gentlemen, but also attracts a new, young and demanding audience. Do not miss out on this trend which is bound to stay!

Our Kentucky Jack is a Straight Bourbon Whiskey which can be savored perfectly on its own, on the rocks or as a great base for delicious cocktails. 
Straight bourbon whiskey is distilled of a grain mixture and aged in new, charred, oak barrels, which gives it its distinctive color and rich, complex taste.

This 40% liquor is available in 50cl, 70cl or 100cl. The bottles can also be delivered in an attractive gift box.