Visit us at Anuga Cologne

05 -09 October 2019

In the world of food and beverages there is no way around Anuga. The world's largest trade fair is the most important industry meeting point as the figures of 2017 once again impressively demonstrate: with 7,405 exhibitors and around 165,000 visitors, it is clearly the number one event!

About us

Driven by a family business and strong values

Sodiko is a leading Belgian beverage provider driven by a family business atmosphere and strong values. We trade internationally through a network of professional distributors and retailers offering customized products to meet the requirements of individual clients and markets.

We are a niche player with the flexibility to shape products to customer needs and a strong apetite for growth in a complex beverage industry.


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Alcoholic drinks


Sodiko manufactures its own brands as well as private label products. Here you discover the wide range of our alcoholic products.If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us! Our professional team will help you through the entire process in order to make sure that the final product meets your expectations.

Non-alcoholic drinks

Discover the bubbly world of our sparkling, non-alcoholic juices and drinks.  You can choose a Sodiko brand or ask our sales team to help you through the process of creating your private label product.

Golden Ice


New on the market! Discover our latest product Golden Ice sparkling wine with Chardonnay and rosé. With a lovely freshness and effervescent charm, Golden Ice is the perfect celebratory beverage!


The Colonist Rum

Drawing from its rich Caribbean heritage, The Colonist Rum is the perfect blend of rum and all natural, locally sourced secret spices.

Our basic white and dark rums are the perfect companion for cocktails, an easy option for Cuba Libre lovers! Add the Spiced rum to more complex cocktails. Reserva is to be enjoyed neet in a small spirit glass.

New exciting Valentino Cocktail range


Simply pure or with an alcoholic beverage added, try the new Valentino cocktails !

Each colour has its own unique taste, a true sparkling refreshment every time. Surprise your guests with the bright colours and the different flavours of this amazing drink. Great for picnics, celebrations, in company or just for yourself !